First – catch your Haggis

First – catch your Haggis… at this time of year, so the rumours say, these wee critturs are away to the hills, and with two legs conveniently shorter than the others, prove difficult to capture.  So – we took the easier route and bought one from the supermarket!! And a vegetarian option at that.

We are celebrating Burn’s Night a few days early  – just because we thought it fitted better with a Saturday night than mid-week.  Our little crittur is steaming away (45minutes required!) and the tatties and neeps are in-hand.  Waiting in the fridge is Cranachan – toasted oatmeal with whipped cream, raspberries, a touch of heather honey and a touch of whisky.

I’ve also made a cloutie dumpling – without the ‘clout’ as we don’t have one.  It only took 5.5 hours steaming.  Hard work these traditions…


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